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HSE promotes employee involvement in health and safety

HSE promotes employee involvement in health and safety

1 August 2011 Email this article

The HSE places great importance on worker involvement and consultation. Your employees influence health and safety through their own actions. They are often the best people to understand the risks in their workplace.

Talking, listening and co-operating can help to achieve benefits. Health and safety representatives can help you with workforce consultation arrangements.

Workplaces where employees play an active part in health and safety have lower accident rates. Collaboration with your employees helps you to manage health and safety in a practical way by:

                        helping you spot workplace risks;

                        making sure health and safety controls are practical; and

                        increasing the level of commitment to working in a safe and healthy way.

In many cases this also leads to increased productivity, efficiency and quality.

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Download HSE publication - Consulting employees on health and safety - Employers brief guide to the law