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If you can?t beat them sell them!

If you can?t beat them sell them!

11 January 2006 Email this article
Facelift Access Hire is starting 2006 with plans to open up a series of ?Safety Shops? in each of its depots, kicking off with Hickstead and Southampton. The company plans to scrap the old ideals of just concentrating on access hire, sales and training etc, and provide a total service whereby customers only have basically ?the one stop shop? ideology or the ?complete working at height company? The shops main aim is to supply safety equipment, including a large ladder section by dramatically subsidising the prices and wooing customers into its retail shops, then on and into the world of powered access and safety. Speaking at Hickstead?s Head Office Mr Gordon Leicester said ?We are quietly surprised at the success so far, but it has been a direct response to our customers requests to ring the changes and give them what they want?