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Introducing the Multitel SMX 225 and the SMX250

Introducing the Multitel SMX 225 and the SMX250

30 March 2013 Email this article

Two new additions to our fleet have caught the attention of our customers recently, the SMX  225 and SMX 250 from Multitel, both incorporating a range of features which put them at the top of their class. 

For example, the new Multitel SMX 225 is one of the best lightweight machines on the market for reaching those hard-to-reach spaces. It offers up to 10 metres of working outreach, and an up-and- over reach of 10.5 metres. It also has a full 360 degree working envelope. Despite this impressive specification, the machine weighs just 2,550kg in standard format, and its small base makes it ideal for accessing tighter areas. 

The SMX 225 is bi-energy, and boasts both a Kubota diesel engine and an AC electric motor powering a dual speed high torque drive system. The lifts also have two outrigger jacking positions, accompanied by fully automatic single lever levelling. 

A similar model, the Multitel SMX250 is larger than the SMX225, but can still be transported on a two axle plant trailer or towed behind a heavy 4x4 vehicle. This offers 11.65 metres of working outreach, has two outrigger settings - standard and narrow - with full 360 degrees rotation in both configurations. 

When stowed, the machine measures just 4.8 metres, and once the cage is removed the overall height drops to 1.92 metres, meaning it can easily pass through standard doorways. The platform rotation is a full 180 degrees. With the low profile aluminium boom designs, both of these machines remain stable even when traversing uneven surfaces, making them suitable for a range of applications.