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Introducing the RazaDeck 200

Introducing the RazaDeck 200

30 August 2013 Email this article

When one of our existing customers needed a non-powered platform to work on a floating production, storage and offloading (FPS0) unit, we knew we'd be able to find them the right piece of kit. And we did!

The RazaDeck 200 is a 4 metre working height tower that doesn't require any building. The operator simply pushes it into place, locks the legs and pushes it up. It is lightweight and compact so doesn't take up much room or damage flooring, and because it isn't powered there is no risk of sparking, meaning it is completely safe to be used in this kind of environment.

Of course, its usefulness isn't limited to FPSO units, it's perfect for all sorts of low level access requirements.

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