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IPAF PAL+ Course Launched

IPAF PAL+ Course Launched

19 July 2012 Email this article

 If you thought that you had operating access platform machinery covered, think again. You might have already taken an IPAF course through Facelift, but there's now another, more in-depth PAL Plus course for working at height, that's launched today - this will take your skills as an operator to a more advanced level.

IPAF has developed the PAL+ training course, PAL+ is an optional, additional one day of category-specific training and complements the PAL operator course by providing further training for MEWP operators working in more challenging environments.

This day-long course leads to gaining the IPAF PAL+ Operator Licence and is designed for operators looking for more advanced and extensive training covering every inch of what you need to know, for operating a MEWP safely and effectively.

With more access machinery brought onto the market all the time and increasing legislation, it's vital that you stay on top of the latest developments and this course equips you with everything you could need to know, in terms of both theory and practice. Be warned though - there's a bit more pressure when it comes to passing the PAL+ course –not all candidates will pass the first time due to the technical challenges.

This course includes both theory and practice, though focuses mainly on the practical side of operating MEWPs and covers a range of necessary areas for working at height. Theory takes the form of a written test at the beginning of the day and includes; accident analysis, MEWP categories and selection, operator daily inspection, safe operating awareness and hazard awareness.

On the practical side of things; the course covers site risk assessment, machine familiarisation, pre-use checks and inspections. By the end of the day- long course, operators will know how to carry out tasks such as; don harnesses, lower handrails and move the machine, travel through narrow gaps, wheel/outrigger positioning and how to work in confined areas.

Operators are assessed under clear topic and include the following;

  • site risk assessment (identifying hazards, cordoning off area, allocating emergency personnel)
  • self-familiarisation (full awareness of the MEWP and each of its parts)
  • travel (checking the ground route, how to drive and move the MEWP, steering and positioning, how to travel through restricted areas and space, continual observation)
  • working at height (correct positioning of MEWP, using spreader plates, manoeuvring in a confined overhead space)
  • operating in general

All this is undertaken in just one day and there's no doubt that you'll be even more of an experienced operator afterwards - ready to tackle the hardest working at height challenge and in a good position to advance your career in the industry. Bear in mind though, you'll be evaluated not only on your performance, but on your attitude to working at height through the day, with a one to one interview with the instructor at the end of the course.

PAL+ training is open to operators who hold an existing PAL Card (Powered Access Licence) qualification in the relevant category. Upon successful completion of the theory test, practical test and interview, operators will have the relevant categories added to their PAL Card, e.g. Static Boom (1b+), Mobile Vertical (3a+) and Mobile Boom (3b+).

Book the new IPAF training course now and be one of the first MEWP Operators to be fully up to date and at the forefront of the access industry. Please note - you will need to already have a valid PAL card in order to take this course, proving that you're trained to operate the categories for which you want to get PAL+.

Download PAL Plus Course Leaflet

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