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   IPAF, PASMA and Ladder course can all count towards Driver CPC training

IPAF, PASMA and Ladder course can all count towards Driver CPC training

29 July 2013 Email this article

Facelift will be offering Driver CPC training from August 2013, leaving plenty of time for drivers to complete their first 35 hours of training by the 10th September 2014 deadline.  As a member of the INATIV consortium, it is approved by the Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training (JAUPT) to deliver the training course under the consortium approval number AC00832.

Each successfully completed IPAF, PASMA and Ladder one day training course will contribute seven hours towards the attendees’ Driver Certificate of Professional Competence. All those wishing to do this will have £50 plus VAT added to the cost of their Facelift Training course’   As a member of the INATIV consortium, Facelift can use its existing IPAF, PASMA and Ladder courses as part of a driver’s CPC training, thereby reducing the time spent in a classroom by those taking the course. Drivers can also choose to undertake the training as separate sessions.

Short for ‘Driver Certificate of Professional Competence, CPC is an initiative that hopes to promote safety among drivers by making regular training a mandatory requirement. 

All drivers, new and existing, now have to undertake 35 hours of training every five years to ensure that their Driver CPC remains valid. This periodic training must cover the minimum requirements of the legislation, including subjects such as road safety, fuel economy, health and safety and service, and  be delivered in blocks lasting a minimum of seven hours. Any professional driver who drives vehicles over 3.5 tonnes will be affected.  

Already have a course booked and would like to upgrade? 

All customers that have already booked a 7 hour IPAF, PASMA or LA Ladder course can call us and upgrade to include CPC hours.

Gordon Leicester, Managing Director of Facelift commented: “Anything that helps to enhance safety across the industry is a good thing, so we welcome this new initiative.  

“We appreciate though, that taking time out to undergo training can sometimes be difficult, both for businesses and individuals, so we’re pleased we can offer this training incorporated into our existing 'Work at height' courses. Hopefully this will make it easier for drivers to make sure they have the knowledge they need and meet the training requirement necessary to maintain their licence.”  

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