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Ladder Association: Festive five safety tips

Ladder Association: Festive five safety tips

2 December 2013 Email this article

'Tis the season to be jolly. And for those who are otherwise firmly rooted to terra firma to tentatively reach for the skies as they put up their indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations.

Fittingly then, in this the final month of 2013’s Ladder Exchange programme, the Ladder Association has launched its first Christmas campaign to help people stay safe when using ladders. Their five top Christmas ladder safety tips are:

  1. Loft ladder, leaning ladder or stepladder: Use the right one for the job
  2. Check it's safe: Are the treads firm, clean and in good condition?
  3. Position it correctly: Make certain it's secure and won't slip
  4. Don’t cut corners, deck the halls on a stepladder not a dining chair
  5. Why fall for it? Never risk stretching up or overreaching.

Cameron Clow, Chairman of the Ladder Association, said: “Around Christmas time people all over the country are putting Christmas decorations up, and they might be using ladders or stepladders for the first time for a long while.

"Even regular users sometimes need to be reminded of the basics, so it seemed an appropriate time for us to prompt people to start thinking about ladder safety – sooner rather than later."

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