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Lighting Up The UK's Tallest Christmas Tree

Lighting Up The UK's Tallest Christmas Tree

16 November 2016 Email this article

 Ardingly’s giant redwood tree has been adorned with 1,800 lights with a lantern on the top, made by local school children.

The dressing of the tree marked the start of preparations for Wakehurst’s most popular event of the year, the Glow Wild lantern festival. The decorating of the 110ft (33m) tall Redwood began when the facelift Bront 61 & Bronto 50 truck mounts arrived at Wakehurst, in West Sussex.

It took the team most of the day to put up the low energy LED lights and to measure the tree, which they do each year. The redwood, which towers above the Mansion was planted in late 1890’s. Gatwick pilots use the tree as a beacon when landing their planes over the Christmas period.