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Mark Mercer Photographer comments on Nelson shoot

Mark Mercer Photographer comments on Nelson shoot

27 August 2012 Email this article

Opportunities like this don’t come along that often.  Getting to photograph one of London’s most famous residents at his own eye level was a great thrill.

As part of the cultural Olympiad many of London’s statues had been given a new lease of life with hats designed by the UK’s best milliners, Hatwalk 2012 finished with a charity auction of the hats.

Removing the hat from Nelson required a delicate operation at about 53 meters, and I was amazed at the Facelift operator’s skill and at how stable the Bronto 61’s platform is.

Shooting a Nelson’s eye level panorama at night, at 53 meters was a real photographic challenge, but we pulled it of. Thank you Facelift and the Hatwalk team.

See Panorama shot here

Mark Mercer Photography