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New drivers: What you need to know about CPC

New drivers: What you need to know about CPC

30 May 2014 Email this article

Any drivers who have passed their test since 2009 now need to complete four different CPC training components in order to gain their LGV licence and Driver CPC. This includes:

  • Part 1 - theory test (multiple-choice and hazard perception);
  • Part 2 - Driver CPC case studies test. This is a computer-based exercise with seven studies based on real-life situations that drivers might find themselves in.
  • Part 3 - driving ability test
  • Part 4 - Driver CPC practical demonstration test – a 30 minute test that enables drivers to show they can keep their vehicle safe and secure, e.g. their vehicle safely.

You must pass part 1 before you can take part 3, and pass part 2 before you can take part 4. You can take part 1 and part 2 in any order, and can take part 3 and part 4 in any order, says the DSA. After you’ve passed the initial qualification you’ll get a driver qualification card (DQC).