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 New innovations: Focus on the H217 Hybrid 4X4 from Niftylift

New innovations: Focus on the H217 Hybrid 4X4 from Niftylift

2 February 2013 Email this article

HR17 Hybrid 4X4 from Niftylift for hire

We’ve found that our customers are increasingly interested in safety features and how the machine they’re hiring minimises the impact it has on its surroundings, environmentally and in terms of noise, weight and size.

This isn’t just because companies are under increasingly pressure to do all they can to reduce their own environmental footprint, it’s because environmental credentials and cost efficiency frequently go hand-in-hand, making it simply good business sense for companies to pay attention to this part of the spec sheet. And that’s why we’re careful to invest in some of the most environmentally friendly equipment on the market.

A good example of a piece of powered access equipment that is notably eco friendly in the way it harnesses power is the HR17 Hybrid 4X4 from Niftylift.  The machine’s hybrid engine means that it uses significantly less fuel than comparable pieces of equipment. Similarly, the electric motor not only kicks in to assist the diesel engine when required, it also channels excess power from the diesel engine back to the batteries, storing it for when it’s needed. Additionally, with the ‘electric only’ function selected, the HR17 is zero emission.

It’s also a better performer onsite than many similar models. The machine’s ‘Diesel Re-Gen’ feature means it can fully charge itself in just four hours, meaning the HR17 can potentially work 24 hours a day by using the electric motor to work quietly at night and then re-charge during the day while running on diesel. This all means less downtime and therefore increased efficiency.

And with falls from height still one of the most common causes of fatalities on construction sites, significant advances are also being made in the area of safety. For example, the HR17 also includes a cage which absorbs much of the force of any impact, preventing injury to the operator and damage to the boom. It also features a SiOPS® Safety System, which prevents involuntary operation of the machine should an operator become trapped between an overhead obstacle and the machine's active controls, buying the operator the sort of thinking time which will in many instances prove a lifesaver.

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