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New Plant Safety Group Guidance on Reducing Unintended Movement of Plant

New Plant Safety Group Guidance on Reducing Unintended Movement of Plant

4 September 2017 Email this article

The Strategic Forum Plant Safety Group (SFPSG) has released a new publication on plant safety entitled ‘Reducing Unintended Movement of Plant - Managing Exposure to Consequential Risks.'

Unintended movement of plant machinery occurs when inadvertent operation of a control such as a switch, lever or pedal occurs, causing unintended machine movement which can potentially cause serious injuries and fatalities. The new publication, which has been developed in conjunction with the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), provides guidance on a range of control measures to help prevent this from happening.

The Strategic Forum Plant Safety Group was formed to produce good practice guidance on plant safety-based topics. Chaired by the Construction Plant-hire Association (CPA) and had significant representation from major construction companies, federations and training bodies. This latest guidance adds to a number of Plant Safety Group publications on various topics, produced through subject-specific meetings by those from industry holding the relevant expertise.

Discussing the guidance, CPA Director Kevin Minton said: "If construction plant moves unexpectedly, then anyone close to it is at risk of being seriously injured or killed. This new publication gives guidance on a range of control measures to prevent this happening. Drivers, people working near plant, supervisors and contractors all have a part to play. We urge all those in the construction sector and those involved with the operation of plant and machinery to implement the many recommendations in order to maintain safe plant activities."

CPA Technical Manager Peter Brown, who project managed work on the guidance said: "We're pleased that this important and comprehensive piece of work is now complete, and I'd like to thank CPA Consultant Tim Watson, the working group and their organisations for their hard work and continued support in producing this guidance."

The publication is available to download for free from the CPA website