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On the Buses

On the Buses

19 September 2005 Email this article
Everywhere you go these days the buzzword is ?marketing? how important it is and indeed how difficult it is on occasion to remain individual and original. With the recent unveiling of the new mobile hospilatily unit we hope to have achieved this. Travelling at forty miles per hour its not the fastest thing on wheels, but as an advertising and dare we say it ?marketing exercise? its not half bad. Gordon Leicester Managing Director said ? I decided that every year we go to shows, work hard and then its time to dismantle and go home again. I started to think what we might just need to draw a crowd, and what can the company take home with it after the shows are over, apart from sore feet! So far I am very pleased with the results, I wanted it to be professional and to define our brand personality? The company intend to use the bus for shows, exhibitions and local events all over the UK throughout the year.