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 PASMA launches new advanced course

PASMA launches new advanced course

The Prefabricated Access Suppliers’ and Manufacturers’ Association (PASMA) has launched a new advanced training course: Towers with Cantilevers. 

Developed after extensive consultation with PASMA members and the tower-using industries ‘Towers with Cantilevers’ is the latest in a series of advanced courses that reflects the fast growing use of towers in more complex and demanding applications.

It is aimed at a diverse range of industry sectors - including construction, refurbishment, cleaning and facilities management - where access is required over fragile surfaces and large or awkward structures. 

Developed specifically for the more experienced tower user, ‘Towers with Cantilevers’ explains and illustrates the essential principles of counterbalance when using kentledge/ballast in cantilever calculations.

It also interprets and explains the relevant sections of BS 1139-6:2014, the standard that specifies the requirements for complex structures such as towers with cantilevers that are outside the scope of BS EN 1004, the European product standard for normal towers.

Available only from PASMA approved training centres, the course is open to anyone with experience of assembling, dismantling, altering, moving and inspecting mobile access towers and who has successfully completed the Association’s ‘Towers for Users’ course. 

PASMA’s director of training, Stuart Hopkins commented: “This training course, which combines both theory and practical, serves to further enhance the competency of tower users across the access industry.”

“It joins a growing portfolio of courses designed to keep people safe and productive - and which will shortly be joined by other PASMA advanced courses to complete the portfolio of training to support advanced tower use."