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PASMA Training - Fall Protection Review

PASMA Training - Fall Protection Review

27 September 2011 Email this article

A wide-ranging review of PASMA's recommended best practice for the avoidance of falls from height from mobile access towers has been conducted by PASMA in collaboration with the Health & Safety Executive.


Download the PASMA Review


Foreword from the HSE



PASMA the lead industry body for the mobile access tower sector, has led a wide-ranging review of methods

for the safe erection and dismantling of mobile access towers, and the training that supports this.

An ergonomics research study conducted by HSL has confirmed that, with correct manual handling

techniques and body positioning, the risks are kept within tolerable limits in the AGR (Advance

Guard Rail) and 3T (Through The Trap) processes. This means that the principles regarding the use

of both processes given in HSE guidance "Tower scaffolds" (CIS10) are still current. The AGR and

3T processes continue to provide recognised safe methods of work.

HSE welcomes publication of this Final Report.


Contractors need to ensure that operatives have appropriate equipment, training and supervision

to erect and dismantle mobile access towers safely. Operatives are also responsible for

playing their part.