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Platform becomes crane

Platform becomes crane

11 December 2015 Email this article

Spotted in Northern Ireland, an electrical contractor using a self-propelled boom lift as a crane to install a golf ball light on the sea front.

While this is not the correct use of a work platform, an increasing number of platforms do offer a hook attachment option, and to be fair there are no men in the platform of the UpRight AB46 which is doing service as a crane, and the load is almost certainly well within the machine’s 227kg platform capacity. 

In addition that that, the two men fixing the ball in place are using the other work platform - a trailer lift - correctly. It even looks as though they are using decent outrigger mats.

Although it does clearly constitute using the machine for a purpose for which it was not intended. And next time the load might be a good deal heavier causing undue stress on the structure, and given the age of this machine, there is a chance that it is not equipped with an overload system.

Safer and cheaper to have used a material lift - Have a safe weekend