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Platform performs parrot rescue

Platform performs parrot rescue

1 November 2015 Email this article

There was fun and games thanks to our feathery friends in Purley this month, when a parrot had to be rescued by a cherry picker after escaping its harness and becoming stuck in a tree. 

Pet owner Becky Page was out “walking” Mr Mango, her 14-month-old blue and gold macaw when he decided to stretch his wings. Ms Page uses an aviator harness for her pet, which means that he can fly ahead for a way, before finding a spot to settle or returning to his owner. However, unfortunately this harness snapped and Mr Mango flew away and settled in some trees.

The RSPCA were eventually called and they notified the fire brigade who headed to the scene at 6.45pm armed with ladders. However, the noise of the ladders slamming against the tree spooked the bird, and he made off into the distance across the playing fields and the group lost sight of him. A Parrot Rescue charity then contacted a local cherry picker hire firm, who eventually managed to rescue the bird from his perilous perch.