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  Powis Castle extreme gardening with cherry picker

Powis Castle extreme gardening with cherry picker

29 August 2015 Email this article

If you think trimming the hedges is a chore, be thankful you don’t have the foliage of Powis Castle in Wales to contend with.

This BBC article reports that gardener Dan Bull spends 10 weeks a year on a cherrypicker trying to tame this 55ft (17 metre) hedge at the castle in Welshpool, Powys.

It’s certainly safer than the previous method used to trim the hedges, however. In the past, tackling the 300-year-old-yew tree meant a team of ten using huge ladders to clip the bushes, using just hand shears and scythes.

Head gardener David Swanton said: "It's a huge task for us to get all the trimming done.

"Two gardeners spend six weeks trimming the box hedge and two more spend 12 weeks working on the yew.

"One gardener spends about 10 weeks in the air on this hydraulic cherry-picker getting all the high trimming done."