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  Providing a platform at Baroque the Streets

Providing a platform at Baroque the Streets

Facelift has been showing its artistic streak yet again, as we, quite literally, helped provide a platform for artists taking part in the Baroque the Streets festival, which will see modern street artists reinterpreting the works of the masters on walls around Dulwich.  

This year the festival will be running between the 9th and 18th May, the festival will see some of the biggest names in international street art come to Dulwich to create an outdoor gallery of large scale public  murals inspired by works held by Dulwich Picture Gallery, England’s oldest public gallery.

A collaboration between Street Art London and Dulwich Picture Gallery, the event will be accompanied by tours of the murals and debates led by academics and experts from both the worlds of street art and classical art alike. 

This work is by Australian artist James Reka and is based on Europa and the Bull by Guido Reni - and can be seen on the Paxton pub,

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