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Scissor lift takes a dip

Scissor lift takes a dip

21 April 2016 Email this article

A scissor lift owned by a Milton Keynes access hire company, has what looks like, slipped into a canal in the UK sometime last weekend. The incident occurred when the machine was driving down the muddy towpath of the Dudley No 2 Canal near Netherton to the west of Birmingham, and clearly got too close to the edge. 

The company has confirmed that the lift is a relatively new Skyjack 6832RT, and was stolen from a nearby 'secure' site, where its keys had also been removed.

It also said: "The tracks by the canal reveal that two attempts were made to try and get the scissor lift to leave the towpath, this failed and it appears it was driven or fell into the canal. We are working with the authority’s to get the machine removed".

A spokesman for the Dudley Canal and River Trust said that the machine has obviously blocked the canal to any traffic, and that recovery will be a challenge due to reaching the spot, which requires passage under a low bridge. A job for a larger spider crane perhaps?