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See the Ascendant 12.5VM at Vertikal 2014

See the Ascendant 12.5VM at Vertikal 2014

See the British built Ascendant 12.5 VM on stand 125 at Vertikal days 2014. An incredibly popular vehicle in our fleet - it has a lightweight, reverse articulated boom designed to achieve maximum payload in a 3.5 tonne van, while its zero tailswing and two independently operated booms make it easy to handle and maintain.   

The machine has oversized structural elements, coupled to sensitive, direct hydraulic controls – making it feel much safer and simpler than its contemporaries.

Key features include a large, insulated, GRP cage incorporating a walk-in entry door, an IP67 rated electrical system and a 230kg carrying capacity helps. These, combined with straightforward full hydraulic controls and simple maintenance combine to give a user-friendly, reliable platform that won’t break the bank.