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Spider Jockey

Spider Jockey

27 November 2015 Email this article

Spotted by a reader in Australia a rental company taking a narrow spider lift through a gateway in a very cavalier way. 

While the job is a fantastic example of what can be achieved with this type of spider lift, the way in which the operator carries it out is fraught with danger. Oblivious to this he was proud enough to post it online.

“It would appear the operator is 'riding' the boom as he negotiates it through the gate. Also note the loose lead and the other materials in the alleyway that should have been removed. Maybe someone could offer him a training course so that he does not injure himself or others in the future”.

“The person posting the picture, who has a business in Melbourne Australia, said this in his comment: “Difficult Access Job of this week was this one for Xj Hxxxxx painting. We got the 18m Zeus into the backyard with only about 2mm spare. It then had to go up a small set of stairs and around a pool”.