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St Jude’s Day storm: The aftermath

St Jude’s Day storm: The aftermath

1 November 2013 Email this article

While some commentators have denounced it as a ‘storm in a teacup’, it’s undeniable that the St Jude’s Day storm has wreaked havoc in England, as hurricane-force winds and heavy rain left homes flooded, trees felled  and homes without power all over the south of the country.

While of course any damage to property pales into insignificance when compared to the human cost of the storm – five lives lost – the repair work generated by St Jude’s storm is expected to be significant, and insurers have estimated that it will cost £1 billion to repair the damage to homes, businesses and vehicles.

And while it may not be immediately obvious, this repair work itself can pose a danger to human life. Whenever homes are damaged, there is always the risk that homeowners will carry out work ill-advised repair work without the right tools or equipment, which in itself carries a huge risk.

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