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State of Trade Survey highlights recruitment difficulties

State of Trade Survey highlights recruitment difficulties

30 September 2018 Email this article

Results of the second Build UK State of Trade survey for 2018 show that labour availability remains a concern for UK builders.

In total, 14% of contractors said that the recruitment of experienced and skilled labour had been more difficult than during the previous three months.

And firms reported that labour availability issues are impacting on business performance; 43% of said that labour shortages had resulted in the late completion of work and over a quarter (29%) reported that it had prevented them bidding for work.

Where contractors had experienced difficulties in recruiting staff, firms cited lack of experience as being an issue in 52% of cases. Lack of skills and required qualifications were cited as factors in 47% and 33% of cases respectively.

Recruitment difficulties also appear to have fed through to labour costs, with 75% of firms reporting that their labour costs had risen during the second quarter and 50% reporting that they were higher than a year ago.