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The best cherry picker in the world...

The best cherry picker in the world...

30 January 2017 Email this article

Carlsberg doesn’t make cherrypickers, but if they did…the consensus seems to be that they’d come up with the Bronto S50XDT-J. A video of the machine helping the Facelift team access every part of the Grade II listed St. Hugh's Charterhouse Monastery in Parkminster in order to complete essential maintenance work has proved extremely popular on Facelift’s Facebook page this month.

And it’s not hard to see why. Completely maintenance on this type of building is a challenging task, but with its stand-out specifications, the Bronto made easy work of it.  Its 50m working height enabled the team to reach the top of the Grade II* listed building, while the impressive 35m reach meant that access even the quad-facing parts of the building was a breeze.

In total, the time-lapsed video was viewed more than 128,000 times and shared by 304 people, while those commenting on the post weren’t shy about making their admiration for the mighty machine known, which comments such as:

“now THAT’s a cherry picker” and

“Look at the cheeky bit of reach around on that bad boy.”

Some viewers were even inspired to think about how else equipment with these sorts of specifications could be deployed with fire and rescue services, with one poster saying that:

“with that amount of movement and range it could help save lives.”

Perfect for doing everything from reaching over rooftops and harbour walls to dipping under bridges, the Bronto S50XDT-Js is a truly versatile piece of kit, as shown by our picture gallery of it in action here.

If you think a Bronto S50XDT-J could make all the difference on one of your jobs, just give our team a call on 0800 521 595.