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 The Green Deal Explained...

The Green Deal Explained...

2 February 2013 Email this article

What is the Green Deal?  

The Green Deal will allow owners of homes and businesses to improve the energy efficiency of their home or building now, and pay later.

Construction businesses will be able to set up as Green Deal providers and offer customers a finance package which will enable them to carry out retrofit work on their property – such as installing insulation.

The Energy Act 2011 sets out the financing mechanism and legal framework for the Green Deal. A key point of this legislation is that it allows the cost of the work to be attached to the building rather than the home owner. When a person moves house, they no longer have to make the payments.

The Green Deal will be underpinned by an accreditation framework that will ensure the right measures for each property are installed to the highest standards.

The first Green Deal financed work will be carried out this month.

What’s the thinking behind the Green Deal?

As well as the obvious positive effect on the environment, the Government hopes that the Green Deal will help kick-start growth in the construction industry, including supporting at least 65,000 new insulation and construction jobs by 2015.

How will the Green Deal help develop skills in the construction industry?

SMEs will need to undertake specialist training in order to be able to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the Green Deal.  Bodies such as CITB-Construction Skills, the National Specialist Contractors Council (NSCC) and the FMB are leading spearheading the campaign to help SMEs access the training they need.

Where can I find the training I need?

Visit the Cut the Carbon in Construction campaign, which helps small and medium-sized construction companies find out more about the training on offer.