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Keep things in check, with the Health and Safety Executive's Safe Maintenance Campaign

Keep things in check, with the Health and Safety Executive's Safe Maintenance Campaign

20 March 2012 Email this article

The Health and Safety Executive has a Healthy Workplaces European Campaign on Safe Maintenance, in partnership with the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA), the EEF and the TUC. 

This Europe-wide campaign promotes a safe and healthy workplace - through encouraging an in depth and structured approach to maintenance. Maintenance affects each area of health and safety. Poor standards and a failure to keep the work environment in a good condition lead to a large number of accidents and diseases.

What Maintenance means and why you need it

Maintenance means keeping the workplace, its structures, equipment, machines, furniture and facilities operating safely, whilst keeping everything in good condition. This maintenance also prevents any sudden and unexpected failure.

Two types of maintenance include preventative maintenance - which includes periodic checks and repairs - and corrective maintenance - which means carrying out unforeseen repairs on facilities and equipment, after breakage or failure.

These accidents relating to maintenance, are a real concern - given that 25-30 per cent of manufacturing industry fatalities in the UK in recent years are due to maintenance activity.

The campaign is open to all organisations and individuals at local, national and European levels - such as employers and SMEs, managers and supervisors, trade unions and safety representatives, health and safety institutions and training providers.

You can download these posters here

For a self maintenance health check, see the HSE website

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