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The X Trax is here!

The X Trax is here!

16 October 2002 Email this article
London based arts group Owls Anomalous Arts Collective became one of the first companies to benefit from Facelift?s new Nifty X-Trax 12 when they approached the company to solve the problem of access to a tree in the centre of a north London Park. The Oaac needed to work in the middle of a grassed area to enable them to carve an intricate sculpture from the tree. ?When the Oaac contacted us, Facelift?s new machine was the obvious choice,? said Niftylift?s UK Sales Manager Tim Ward, ?the tracks mean that the ground pressure is very low thus avoiding damage to the grass and the maximum height of 12.2 metres and outreach of 6.1 metres enabled the artists to get right round the tree.? Owls Anomolous Art Collective Artistic Director Robin Tatham agreed ?The Niftylift allowed my guys to get to the trickiest parts of the tree and gave them a stable work platform from which to use their chainsaws, we initially estimated that the job would take two to three weeks but now we are confident that we could complete the piece within ten days.?