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Thousands of CSCS cards revoked after Newsnight investigation

Thousands of CSCS cards revoked after Newsnight investigation

2 February 2016 Email this article

Thousands of CSCS cards have also been revoked following an extensive investigation by the CITB into fraudulent activity at five test centres in the wake of the Newsnight report. In total, some 4,615 CSCS cards have now been cancelled. 

The Construction Industry Training Board has released a statement regarding card fraud following a worrying investigation by BBC London and Newsnight.

The BBC’s investigation showed that a number of test centres were regularly rigging Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) exams, ultimately allowing untrained builders to endanger their lives and the lives of others onsite.

In response to the investigation, Carl Rhymer, Delivery and Customer Engagement Director at the CITB, said: “Card fraud is a serious issue for our industry and we’re tackling it head on.

“CITB’s policy is to prosecute fraudulent behaviour and we work closely with the Police and the Crown Prosecution Service to gather evidence and bring criminals to account. In the last two years, we have successfully prosecuted six individuals, which have led to heavy fines, two custodial sentences and a deportation.  

"We have also provided information to the Home Office Immigration enforcement teams, which has resulted in 35 arrests for immigration offences and in 2015, we revoked 316 CSCS cards as a result of our work with the Home Office.

“This year, we have two separate prosecutions awaiting trial at Crown Court and a third person is out on bail awaiting a decision on trial from the CPS.

“As well as our work on prosecutions, we’re committed to preventing fraud and we’re increasing our investment and accelerating existing plans to install mandatory CCTV in all testing centres. We’re also increased the number of spot checks on centres, to act as a deterrent.”

Mr Rhymer also revealed that the CITB was working with the BBC in order to pursue criminal proceedings against individuals who were filmed by Newsnight.