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Top Ten Health and Safety Myths

Top Ten Health and Safety Myths

27 April 2012 Email this article

Story from HSE - News

There is no shortage of daft decisions being blamed on health and safety. Over the years, the Health and Safety Executive has tackled some quite incredible myths about what health and safety bans or orders people to do.

It's hard to tell where some of these ridiculous and baffling myths originate, but they all have one crucial thing in common - they are not required by health and safety law.

To mark the launch of the new Myth Busters Challenge Panel, HSE has published its top ten worst myths. We want people to work with us to challenge these myths - the time has come to end the madness!

Children being banned from playing conkers unless they are wearing goggles

Office workers being banned from putting up Christmas decorations

Trapeze artists being ordered to wear hard hats

Pin the tail on the donkey games being deemed a health and safety risk

Candy floss on a stick being banned in case people trip and impale themselves

Hanging baskets being banned in case people bump their heads on them

Schoolchildren being ordered to wear clip on ties in case they are choked by traditional neckwear

Park benches must be replaced because they are three inches too low

Flip flops being banned from the workplace

Graduates ordered not to throw their mortar boards in the air