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Two Bronto's at Wakehurst Place, Sussex.

Two Bronto's at Wakehurst Place, Sussex.

7 December 2010 Email this article

 In late November to Brontos arrived in the early hours at Wakehurst Place, West Sussex. There mission for the day was to help attach 1,800 bulbs to their Giant Christmas Tree. The tree stands at over 115 feet, making it the tallest Christmas tree in the UK. The two Brontos, a 46XDT and a 61XDT, were set up at the base to begin the days task.

The truck mounted platforms were supplied with operators and worked with the staff of Wakehurst Place, a National Trust Property, to fix the lights. Fortunately the team have a number of years experience performing this task, and so have a routine that enables them to complete the work at an amazing rate.

We thought it would be interesting to record the day, and used a stop frame camera in order that we could condense the days events. Following a quick edit this is the result, Two Brontos and a Christmas Tree.