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UKCG asks its steel erectors and net riggers to gain the IPAF PAL + qualification

UKCG asks its steel erectors and net riggers to gain the IPAF PAL + qualification

25 August 2012 Email this article


The UK Contractors Group (UKCG) is now encouraging steel erectors and net riggers working on UKCG sites to gain an IPAF PAL + qualification. This was agreed at a recent meeting of its Health and Safety Sub Group and will be put into place by the 1st January 2013. The association has also agreed to include other trades for specific projects, on a risk-assessed basis.


The IPAF PAL + qualification is specifically intended for mobile elevating platform operators (MEWP), working in higher risk or challenging environments. To gain this qualification, the operators must undertake an optional, additional one day training course. This training course can be undertaken through any Facelift training centre throughout the UK. Operators taking this course must already have a PAL Card (Powered Access Licence) in the relevant category

The training course was developed by IPAF in order to provide training that better equips MEWP operators to work in higher risk and challenging environments. The PAL + course is more in-depth than the PAL operator course offered by Facelift, which enables contractors to operate MEWPs on a basic level. It’s designed to be more advanced, challenging and extensive and includes both practical training, as well as a short and condensed theory section.

Mark Atkinson from Clugston says;

“UKCG members will encourage their supply chains to adopt the PAL+ training for key trades such as steel erectors and net riggers, and on a risk basis for specific projects, from January next year. PAL+ is a positive development. Candidates will need to be experienced operators and they will have over five hours of practical assessment on MEWPs.”

On completion of the course, including the theory test, practical test and interview – the operators will have the relevant categories added to their PAL card, e.g. Static Vertical (1a+), Static Boom (1b+), Mobile Vertical (3a+) and Mobile Boom (3b+).

For more information on the PAL + course, please visit the Facelift website.