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Unusual (and dangerous) access technique spotted in Sussex

Unusual (and dangerous) access technique spotted in Sussex

30 April 2019 Email this article

Vertikal magazine reports on an unusual (and highly dangerous) access technique spotted in Worthing, Sussex earlier this month, after two men were spotted working on ladders from the roof of their van.

Publishing photos of the offending configuration, the magazine reports: ‘The photo clearly shows them using their van to boost the reach of their ladders, one of which appears to be almost long enough to reach the height without the van?

‘They have footed the ladders against the edge of the vans roof rack which is sensible, but then the ladders are being used at an angle that they were not designed for. It also forces the person using it to stand/half stand at an angle that subjecting the ladder to rolling over.’

The magazine details how the reader who sent in the photos ‘did the right thing’ and approached the workers to highlight the dangers of what they were doing. He was, however ‘greeted with a bit of abuse and a rather wide grin!’

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