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We gave our guys the safest harness available...

We gave our guys the safest harness available...

2 November 2014 Email this article

The Brighton Wheel is a major tourist attraction located on Brighton seafront offering breath-taking, panoramic views of the citys' famous landmarks and stunning coastline. In doing so it presents some unique height safety risks to those working on the wheel.

The management of the Brighton Wheel undertake rigorous daily inspections. This involves inspecting each of the 36 capsules before climbing up and onto the wheel to undertake inspections and testing at key mechanical points on the wheel. Normally that wouldn’t present a problem but climbing the wheel involves reaching heights of up to 25m (more than 2 double decker buses in height).

Thankfully the individuals doing the inspections have the latest innovation in height safety to keep them safe - the ZT Safety Harness.

Prior to climbing the wheel they put on their ZT Harness and attaching to their ladder ascending device to climb the wheel. Delso (Operations Manager) is impressed with the new kit “the inspections we do on a daily basis are critical to the safety of 1000’s of people every day. We gave our guys the safest harness available - we see it as an investment in keeping anyone associated with the wheel safe through robust processes, equipment and training.”

The ZT Safety Harness is the only harness that does not use groin straps, instead the harness works with the body to spread the force of the fall through the main muscle groups in the legs. By getting rid of groin straps it makes for a safer, much more functional harness. Neil (Maintenance Manager) “it’s reassuring to know that I’m safe in my harness so I can go about the important business of inspecting the wheel and keeping our customers safe”.