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  We need people to be “100% qualified, not 100% carded”, says CSCS chief

We need people to be “100% qualified, not 100% carded”, says CSCS chief

1 November 2018 Email this article

The importance of actually being well qualified was emphasised by CSCS’ chief executive at the Build UK Member Skills Briefing on 17 October.

His message was that people should be “100% qualified, not 100% carded” as he outlined a number of changes to the card scheme that will lead to the upskilling of the workforce and improved standards on site.

These changes were made following the launch of the Industrial Strategy: Construction 2025 and the formation of the Construction Leadership Council (CLC).

At the beginning of 2015 the CLC announced that industry should only accept card schemes displaying the CSCS logo. To qualify for the logo, all cards schemes (including CSCS) have until 2020 to ensure cards are only issued to those who have achieved or are in the process of achieving a recognised construction related qualification. These goals were set out by the CLC in early 2015 when they published the “One Industry Logo” action.

As a result, CSCS stopped issuing the Construction Related Occupation card in 2017 and are in the process of withdrawing the Construction Site Visitor card. Neither of these cards require a qualification and as such they must be withdrawn.

Graham highlighted more changes are required in order to fulfil the CLC’s requirements. Over the coming months, the industry will discuss plans to manage the renewal of cards held by operatives who achieved them via Industry Accreditation or ‘Grandfather Rights’ and who do not hold a qualification.

There are now 35 cards schemes displaying the CSCS logo, all of which have made a commitment to meet the CLC’s requirements by 2020.