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  Web only offer - from Facelift

Web only offer - from Facelift

If you’re looking to invest in some new restraint lanyard, Facelift has just the offer for you with this web only offer of a Restraint Lanyard (fixed twin rope 1.75m with Scaffold Hooks) which is now just £39.12 +VAT, down from £60.53 + VAT.

This lanyard offers many benefits over a traditional single lanyard such always being connected to an anchor point whilst manoeuvring in a working restraint position.

Twin Tailed Lanyards otherwise known as Y-Shaped lanyards consist of 2 arms which are used in similar situations as double lanyards but allows the user to manoeuvre more easily due to the lighter less bulky design. It also features a 10.5mm rope and a screw lock karabiner.

Twin Tailed Restraint lanyards feature dual connections which means that the lanyard can be connected to one anchor point 100% of the time as the user is working or manoeuvring at height. This double clipping method results in what is referred to as a 100% tie off, guaranteeing an additional level of safety and reassurance.

This Lanyard is ideal for tower climbing, steel erecting, scaffolding, roof maintenance, sign erection, work restraint at height and maintenance on open structures.