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'White van man' targeted by VOSA in new campaign

'White van man' targeted by VOSA in new campaign

30 August 2013 Email this article

The Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) is targeting the notorious 'white van man' - drivers of light goods vehicles (LGV) - in a new roadside inspections drive.
The initiative comes after VOSA revealed that these LGVs are involved in twice as many accidents as HGVs and have a shocking MOT failure rate of 50%.

The need for this new campaign is further demonstrated by statistics from VOSA checks revealing that LGVs are prohibited six out of ten times, and when weighed, these vehicles are overweight three quarters of the time.

The campaign will be welcomed by lorry drivers, who often complain that LGV's have an unfair advantage as they face much less regulation than lorry drivers, yet their frequently unsafe practices still pose a threat to the safety of all road users.

With the onset of Driver CPC for professional goods vehicle drivers over 3.5 tonnes the divide has become more apparent with those companies operating a mixed fleet of vehicles with drivers who are 'in-scope' and 'out-of scope' of the legal requirement to train drivers by 9th September 2014.

VOSA has indicated that it will use tactical approach to operators who are ignorant of the legal requirements for light goods vehicles. There will be enforcement action and compliance checks, married to the carrot of educational assistance to enable them to raise their standards. Those companies who have no desire to comply will be subject to enforcement action in an effort to force compliance.

VOSA will start the campaign with a programme of checks in twenty cities throughout the year to raise VOSA's profile with LGV operators in specific market sectors, and the first of these will be directed towards the building trade. It will also be working with trade bodies and associations to convey the message that VOSA are determined to raise the standards of the UK LGV fleet.

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