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Windmill gets new sails

Windmill gets new sails

8 October 2007 Email this article
Facelift recently joined forces with Arden Construction and gave Chesterton windmill new sails. The Warwickshire windmill is a famous national landmark some 370 years old and believed to be one of only two in existence in the world. The sails, which weighed in at over a tonne each were intially hoisted into place using a crane. They were then positioned by millwright Neil Medcalf, using facelifts H25 TPX self propelled boom. The machine was chosen because of its ability to carry two men, tools and be manoeuvred with considerable accuracy around the windmills sails and nub. As often as not with historical sites, access was limited due to an ancient 2ft wall and raised area surrounding the mill but the machine was able to safely accommodate this. Arden Construction Manager Rob Harwood commented ? An interesting but awkward job, which was made a lot easier with the right machinery and people. I?m not sure how they would have coped in the 1600?s though?!