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  Winner of Idiot on Ladder picture competition announced

Winner of Idiot on Ladder picture competition announced

2 February 2016 Email this article

As a light-hearted touch to the Ladder Association’s annual Ladder Exchange, the trade body calls for entries to its photo competition ‘Idiots on Ladders’, in which members of the public are encouraged to send in photos of particularly poor ladder use that they’ve spotted while out and about.

While the idiocy demonstrated is always of a very ‘high standard’, this year’s winning photo was quite something, showing a worker using three different ladders together to create a makeshift scaffold to enable him to reach the roof of a private residence.

Discussing this year’s winning image, Gary Chudleigh, of the Ladder Association, said: “This year’s winning image is a prime example of how not to use ladders. Wrong in every detail, it simply serves to illustrate the need for proper ladder training. Gone are the days when learning on the job is acceptable. The risks are simply too great.”

It also seems that strange ladder combinations are the ‘in’ thing for our safety-averse cousins across the pond too. Vertikal magazine recently reported on a photograph send in by a reader, which showed a man using a combination of two long ladders and a skid steer loader to reach the upper levels of a tree he was felling.

A little investigative work by Vertikal revealed that the photo was taken a year ago in the remote town of Mountain View Arkansas- some distance due north of Little Rock in the Ozarks. Apparently the local police were tipped off and suggested that the man climb down before he fell down. It is believed that the ladder user did not take kindly to this and told the police in no uncertain terms to mind their own business, adding: “it is my property, and my tree and I can do what I like with it”