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ZT develop new range of harness-ready outerwear

ZT develop new range of harness-ready outerwear

30 March 2013 Email this article

ZT Safety Systems has introduced a range of outerwear specially adapted to be worn in conjunction with the ZT Safety Harness.

The range of clothing includes hi-vis vests, bomber jackets, body warmers, winter coveralls and fleeces. ZT can also adapt companies’ branded work wear ready to be used with the ZT Harness. 

All items in the clothing range have specially adapted flaps located at front and/or rear, for use with the latest ZT Dual Harness. The special design of the clothing means the individuals wearing the outerwear are completely protected from the elements. 

It is also thought that because the harness is underneath the jacket, it is protected from chemicals, toxins, possible damage and deterioration, therefore possibly extending its lifespan and making it a more cost-effective option. 

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