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ZT Fire and Emergency

ZT Fire and Emergency

2 August 2015 Email this article

ZT Safety Systems, the manufacturer of the patented ZT (Zero Trauma) safety harness teamed up with Bristol Uniforms to launch a new integrated harness at the recent Interschultz show for fire and emergency equipment in Germany.

Sewn into specially adapted fire brigade trousers the ZT harness works in the same way as its standard product - without the use of groin straps by transferring fall forces to the lower leg therefore preventing injuries to the spine and groin area in a fall – after a fall the individual is left in a seated position eliminating the possibility of Suspension Trauma.

Further benefits include reduced loading on the harness anchorage point especially when used in conjunction with a shock absorbing inertia reel. Which is highly beneficial especially in turntable ladders as falling in a conventional harness can cause an overload situation.

Being built into the fire trousers and worn in exactly the same as a conventional pair of fire trousers, the ZT harness is said to provide vital savings in time as the wearer is automatically wearing the Harness all the time and does not have to stop to put it on. Combined with a specially adapted Jacket and fire retardant webbing the ZT harness conforms to EN361 and AS/NZS 1891.1

ZT is already working With Bronto Skylift to integrate the harness into a range of work wear for Bronto's own technicians and operators