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ZT Safety introduces the all in one 'ZT Universal Harness'

ZT Safety introduces the all in one 'ZT Universal Harness'

30 August 2013 Email this article

PPE manufacturer ZT Safety Systems have announced the latest addition to their fall safety harness range - the ZT 'Universal' Harness.

Benefiting from four point attachments including front, rear and side loops for work positioning, the harness conforms to safety standards EN361 and EN358.

It also incorporates the unique ZT leg gaiter design, which greatly improves operator safety by completely eliminating the use of groin straps, and the serious damage they can cause if they restrict the femoral artery in the groin area during prolonged suspension.

The new Universal Harness can be fitted into work wear trousers or coveralls and has a comfortable unisex design that is certified to 150kg body weight (approx. 23.5 stone) as opposed to traditional harnesses 100kg (16.5 stone).

For further information, visit ztsafetysystems.com