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Free safety poster - Pylons!

Free safety poster - Pylons!

26 November 2015 Email this article

In our line of work, it's easy to fall into the habit of thinking that the only danger you face is a fall to the world below, but in fact what is lurking above you can be just as dangerous. Where power lines are present in the area you're working, extreme caution and careful planning is required to prevent electrocution.

When working near power cables and with the boom fully extended, the safe recommended working distance is 9 metres from wooden poles, and 15 metres from steel pylons.

Operatives also need to remember that high winds can cause cables to sway in your direction, meaning that you may not be as far away from power cables as originally intended and constant vigilance is required.

Should the vehicle you're in make contact with a pylon, it is important to stay calm, and not attempt exit the vehicle. Instead, you should let the operatives on the ground know what has happened as soon as possible so that they also know not to touch any part of the machine.

If the MEWP cannot be moved away from the cables, then it is safest to sit tight until the electricity company can temporarily turn the power off, allowing you to exit the vehicle.

Download the Pylons Work at height safety poster