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Is your ladder course suspect?

Is your ladder course suspect?

19 April 2012 Email this article

In this age where there are so many variations on one thing - you need to be sure that you've got the real deal. When it comes to ladder training courses, don't be fooled by bogus training providers delivering ineffective training. This kind of training won't equip you for anything - least of all when you arrive on-site, without valid proof of competency.

Making sure you're on the right ladder training course

The Ladder Association, (representing all major manufacturers, suppliers and hirers in the UK and Ireland), is advising companies to be careful which ladder training course they send their delegates on - making sure that the course is in fact an approved Ladder Association training course, not just a poor imitation.

According to The Ladder Association training manager, Stuart Hopkins, the association has heard of quite a few cases where a training provider appears to offer a Ladder Association training course to obtain business. However, when it comes to delivering the course, it has different, inferior content and doubtful outcomes. Many of these courses, he explains barely cover the essentials and are not worth anything.

These types of courses lack the credibility that's expected by both industry and health and safety professionals - having booked the training course on the understanding that delegates will receive the service from an accredited trainer, at an approved and audited training centre.

He advises delegates to check the following points beforehand:

- that the course covers all the topics of importance

- is long enough to be thorough

- is limited in numbers to allow people to participate fully

- upon successful completion, provides obvious proof of competence that is valid on-site

- a Ladder Card and certificate of competence

Where you should train:

The Ladder Association training combines theory and practice. On completion of the course, you receive a Ladder Card, certificate of competence and a copy of the Association's Code of Practice, as a reminder of what's been covered.

This course has been informed by the Work at Height Regulations and is based on the expert knowledge of Ladder Association member organisations - people who are fully informed and aware of ladders and surrounding issues.

Added to this, through the Ladder Association training, every delegate is brought up to date on all the latest changes regarding legislation and standards. The Association is on all relevant committees and a new feature is that delegates watch two DVDs, re-enforcing best practice as part of the day long course.

What you should be looking out for:

The official Ladder Association course is proven by the Ladder Association logo, that can be found on both the card and certificate - this is evidence that the user has been trained to the highest standards by the industry trade body. Very often this is the only proof of competence that will be accepted on-site.

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