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In and out of Africa

In and out of Africa

17 August 2011 Email this article

KPA (Kenyan Port Authority) Continues updating staff and equipment with a visit from UK IPAF Instructor - by Patricia Hughes Scott

Gary Phillipson, a Senior IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) Instructor employed by Facelift GB Ltd., England, was in Kenya recently conducting IPAF training courses at the Kilindini docks at Kenya Port Authority for the operators of a Vehicle Mounted Platform.

Gary is an IOSH graduate and specially trained instructor in this field, including health and safety.  This is his first time in Africa, but he has been working in this field of training for over 20 years.

“This is the first time that Facelift have conducted training in Kenya” Gary says.  “And the Kenyans are so hospitable and ready to learn that they are a pleasure to train.  Everyone passed the final test and examination, and that doesn’t always happen. On occasions there are some participants who don’t make the grade, but not in this case.  All 10 of them qualified.”

Although they did so well, Gary feels there is always a need for further training.  “The Port Authorities are going a long way to maintain their record of health and safety, as well as technical knowledge and use of machinery, and that can only be done by on-going training of the employees. 

“It has been a short but very enjoyable visit” Gary said.  “I have been very well looked after, and I am sad to be going home so soon, but I look forward to coming back for both work and a holiday with my family.”